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Although there is considerable support in cognitive science for personalizing along certain dimensions, there is also evidence that personalizing along others doesn't produce the gains educators think it might.
"Personalizing Search Based on User Search Histories," Proc.
Personalizing learning through the use of self-devised learning plans may empower students and free teachers to foster learning rather than concentrating on control, order, and low-level skills (Kohn, 2004).
Besides personalizing the body of e-mail messages, subject lines and attachments can also be individualized.
If you're using extensive personalization throughout the package, and you'll be mailing large numbers, you should consider using an inline printer, because inline offers more personalizing flexibility and lower prices for bigger runs.
Many institutions today realize that they have to utilize technology to go beyond service and more towards personalizing and extending their relationship with students.
Although the causes of suicide are complex, personalizing guns to their adult owners should significantly reduce the risk of suicide among adolescents.
Personalizing the text of word problems is an effective way to tap into students' background knowledge.

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