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Goods; chattels; articles; movable property, whether animate or inanimate.


Personal Property.


n. movable assets (things, including animals) which are not real property, money, or investments. (See: personal property, real property)


noun assets, available means, chattels, effects, funds, holdings, investments, perronal property, personal resources, possessions, property, resources, wealth
See also: chattel, effects, estate, movable, paraphernalia, possessions, property
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The meeting doubles as a fundraiser for retired greyhounds and the Injured Jockeys' Fund with a number of personalties from the sporting world invited, and the track's management yesterday said a few tickets remained (pounds 20 each) for those racegoers preferred a buffet and reserved seating.
We had a lot of different personalties in that team but we all gelled together.
SPORTING talent and personalties who have made their mark for Bedworth over the past 50 years are being sought to join the Bedworth Sportsmen's Association.
ONE of the wonders of the World Cup is the random nature of the personalties that turn up as pundits.
I think it was down to a clash of personalties at Middlesex in the end.
Former Warwickshire fast bowler Gladstone Small will be among a host of sporting personalties offering their advice at this summer's Barbados Sports Camp.
Hundreds of bubbly lovers, including high-profile TV personalties, fell victim to the e-mail hoax.
aggressive, with personalties and loved to play the game.
Moon, one of the biggest personalties in Welsh rugby, pulls no punches in his account of life at the top.
We may be more Academical than Academy but our panel of Record Sport critics have sifted through the events and personalties of the season to date and proudly present our picks in the following categories .
Luy, who usually appeared confident testifying against personalties tagged in the fund scam, looked tense as he was grilled by the three-member Third Division on the amount he entered in the daily disbursement records of the Napoles-owned JLN Corp.