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Goods; chattels; articles; movable property, whether animate or inanimate.


Personal Property.


n. movable assets (things, including animals) which are not real property, money, or investments. (See: personal property, real property)


noun assets, available means, chattels, effects, funds, holdings, investments, perronal property, personal resources, possessions, property, resources, wealth
See also: chattel, effects, estate, movable, paraphernalia, possessions, property
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Further, had Twin city lifted the stay and taken possession of the realty and the personalty, it would have had to sell same and pay its broker a commission also.
Coventry City fan and media personalty Jon Gaunt wrote: "Terrible news about Sky Blues' legend Nuddy.
Spahl was arrested and charged with arson of a dwelling and burning personalty.
The remedy of specific performance originated and was principally applied as an equitable means of ensuring that the intended beneficiary of an agreement for the transfer of a specified parcel of realty or a unique piece of personalty received the benefit of their bargain.
Albee creates her in a rather implicit way, by letting us gather piece after piece of information about her personalty.
These experiences can be related to students through discussions about ways in which literature has personalty affected teachers' lives, sharing passages or interesting vocabulary to students from personal reading experiences, or creating dialogue journals between teachers and students (Gambrell, 1996; Gambrell, 2007; Oldfather, 1993).
Three schools were absent from the meeting and it was agreed their HoS would be approached personalty to clarify their positions on this matter.
While the plot is fairly thin, the characters have plenty of personalty and the dialogue is sharp enough to keep the kids glued to the screen.
unless he bestirred himself to alter the testamentary disposition already made of his personalty.
use of land and leases, (86) control of water, (87) title to personalty located in the state, (88) control of debts, (89) police power based