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Goods; chattels; articles; movable property, whether animate or inanimate.


Personal Property.


n. movable assets (things, including animals) which are not real property, money, or investments. (See: personal property, real property)


noun assets, available means, chattels, effects, funds, holdings, investments, perronal property, personal resources, possessions, property, resources, wealth
See also: chattel, effects, estate, movable, paraphernalia, possessions, property
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An installment sale is another alternative, particularly when the seller receives a down payment sufficient to cover the tax liability for the ordinary income recognized in the first year stemming from the portion of the sale related to the disposition of personalty (depreciation recapture), accounts receivable, and inventory.
This subsection is divided into two time periods based on when personalty was placed in service: post 1986 and 1981 through 1986.
1245 property (primarily, depreciable personalty held on a long-term basis, under Sec.
The percentage of the total assets of a business (TAB) that are allocated to the three components (realty, personalty, and intangibles) can be based on an iteration of the revenue percentages adjusted for various rates of return, or known values in the case of the depreciated value of personal property.
This provision was modified by the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTR-RA), increasing the bonus percentage to 50% for new personalty placed in service for the first time after May 5, 2003 and before 2005.
What they are often purchasing are synergistic intangibles that are not part of the real estate or personalty itself.
1980) ("The proper measure of tort damages for a plaintiff holding personalty for sale in the retail market is the total diminution in retail market value proximately caused by the defendant's tort.
It's not only his game but also his personalty that's refreshing.
The City tried to tax personalty used on aircraft of this non-Massachusetts-based taxpayer.
The court reasoned that applying this legal test for fixtures (which hinges on the intent of the owner of the fixture to make it a permanent accession to the property) would "inevitably result in a finding that the lessee's struc tures were personalty precluding their inclusion in the condemnation award.
To establish a TBE estate in any realty or personalty, the four unities of time, title, interest, and possession plus the element of marriage must be present.