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to assume the identity of another person with intent to deceive.

TO PERSONATE, crim. law. The act of assuming the character of another without lawful authority, and, in such character, doing something to his prejudice, or to the prejudice of another, without his will or consent.
     2. The bare fact of personating another for the purpose of fraud, is no more than a cheat or misdemeanor at common law, and punishable as such. 2 East, P. C. 1010; 2 Russ. on Cr. 479.
     3. By the act of congress of the 30th April, 1790, s. 15, 1 Story's Laws U. S. 86, it is enacted, that "if any person shall acknowledge, or procure to be acknowledged in any court of the United States, any recognizance, bail or judgment, in the name or names of any other person or persons not privy or consenting to the same, every such person or persons, on conviction thereof, shall be fined not exceeding five thousand dollars, or be imprisoned not exceeding seven years, and whipped not exceeding thirty-nine stripes, Provided nevertheless. that this act shall not extend to the acknowledgment of any judgment or judgments by any attorney or attorneys, duly admitted, for any person or persons against whom any such judgment or judgments shall be bad or given." Vide, generally, 2 John. Cas. 293; 16 Vin. Ab. 336; Com. Dig. Action on the case for a deceit, A 3.

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But again, arguments about personhood were often transferred to literary personations.
Gardai in Co Tipperary have confirmed they are investigating vote-rigging and personation claims during the June elections.
In revisiting the poetic dialogue which Jonson's Every Man Out, Cynthia's Revels, and Poetaster engage in with his principal opponents, Marston and Dekker, Steggle distances his position from the biographical criticism which was spawned by nineteenth-century interest in personation.
When I was a security minister in Northern Ireland,I saw the electoral system being abused by people pretending to be other people -we called it personation.
Hussain, aged 31, of Green Lane, Small Heath, Birmingham, has denied two charges of personation in the names of Abdul Khaliq and Mukhtar Hussain.
Solihull Recorded Music Circle will be tuning in to a personation on the works of Mozart, Weber, Kodaly and Mahler at its next meeting on January 24.
West Midlands Police investigated claims that postal votes were misused and that personation, the offence of falsely claiming to be entitled to vote, was widespread.
The case for "subversion" is made at points throughout the book, but most forcefully and interestingly in a largely new chapter on "The Power of Personation," where Montrose links the possibilities for subversion to formal qualities of the drama.
The offence - called personation - carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison or a fine of pounds 2,000 if it's referred to crown dor.
Det Chief Insp Dave Churchill said the Representation of the People Act was inadequate to cope with misuse of postal votes and personation.
That's a criminal offence under electoral law, known as personation.
uk - Misuse of postal votes, personation and intimidation at polling stations is widespread in Birmingham, an inquiry has concluded.