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Never fear," said De Guiche, "De Wardes is there, who is determination itself, while Manicamp is the very personification of artless gentleness.
But with the tenacity and indomitable courage of his kind he still faced his cruel and relentless foes--the personification of that ancient proverb of his tribe: "Leave to a Thark his head and one hand and he may yet conquer.
Jupiter, whose thunder could be heard rumbling in the dressing-room, supported her claim, and Venus was on the point of carrying it off,--that is to say, without allegory, of marrying monsieur the dauphin, when a young child clad in white damask, and holding in her hand a daisy (a transparent personification of Mademoiselle Marguerite of Flanders) came to contest it with Venus.
The open mouth, the drooping arm, the arched knee: they were such a personification of cockiness as, taken together, will never again, one may hope, be presented to eyes so sensitive to their offensiveness.
Again had she placed him under obligations to her, and Tarzan of the Apes did not wish to be obligated to a German spy; yet in his honest heart he could not but admit a certain admiration for her courage, a trait which always greatly impressed the ape-man, he himself the personification of courage.
De Coude was the personification of coolness--was he not the best shot in France?
The Reader will find that personifications of abstract ideas rarely occur in these volumes; and are utterly rejected, as an ordinary device to elevate the style, and raise it above prose.
For one thing, these images themselves may be categorized less as personifications than as metaphors insofar as each of them is an obvious analogy for the season.
Schiller, Heidegger, and Levinas propose interesting characters in their subtexts: watchers, participants, and personifications of death itself.
White, author of numerous published articles concerning Roy Rogers and cowboys in film, presents King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West, an in-depth biography of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, two of twentieth-century America's most celebrated personifications of the American West mythos in popular culture and entertainment.
This book traces the 'career' of just one of Bowie's personifications - the colourful Ziggy Stardust.
The exhibition is an inventory of brooding melancholics from the history of Western representation, beginning with the antique: artists, saints, and ill-fated lovers as well as allegorical personifications of Melancholy itself, at the center of which sits Durer's great Melencolia I of 1514, forever fixed in place as the involuted grande dame of imagination in anguish.