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Modi- Conceit and Arrogance personified Sardar - United India Modi- Divides NDA BJP and Hindus and Minorities.
During that same trip in 1993, as my suspicion gathered force, I came across a cave in the suburbs of Mumbai depicting the Hindu god Indra with his personified thunderbolt-but shown as part of a Buddhist paradise.
Frederick Kiefer's book is a lavishly illustrated and interesting account of how Shakespeare's personified characters would have been staged, based on pictorial traditions.
The first group might be called the pragmatists, personified by Secretary of State Powell, who has manifested concerns about the country getting militarily overextended and argues for observing diplomatic protocols to the fullest extent possible, even as we prepare for war.
Mark, the city's patron, and so can also stand for Venice itself In the biblical book of Wisdom, Divine Wisdom is personified seated on the lion-throne of Solomon, and lions flanking a throne thus signify her.
According to Bernard Bergonzi, the four main features of Auden's poetic style were the "copious use of the definite article; unusual adjectives and adjectival phrases; surprising similes, which have a reductive or trivializing effect; and personified abstractions" (70).
Is it more that Diana personified something to which millions of us belong?
We are all familiar with the concept of a personified virtue or national river, but how carefully does each instance encourage us to think such a personification through?
The action of the morality play centers on a hero, such as Mankind, whose inherent weaknesses are assaulted by such personified diabolic forces as the Seven Deadly Sins but who may choose redemption and enlist the aid of such figures as the Four Daughters of God (Mercy, Justice, Temperance, and Truth).