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Personified specializes in job seeker and employee research, human capital consulting and talent sourcing and screening.
The Gandharan carvings date from the 1st to the 3rd century--far too early to be certain that this figure could be a personified weapon.
The labor market is forcing hiring managers to explore additional recruitment options to get exposure to the greatest pool of diverse candidates," said Mary Delaney, President of Personified.
39) However, while the fact that we are presented with a visual metaphor for a personified concept should come as no surprise in the context of the Rector's Palace, the title is baffling for a number of reasons - first and foremost because it is not spelled out in Latin or the vernacular but in Greek.
The new film takes the tale of the coming of the Antichrist -- personified as a young boy named Damien -- to an even more thrilling and visceral level.
6 million jobs, has launched Personified, a consulting firm that helps employers understand and leverage the relationship between talent management and company performance.
The characters spring to life and Oba as evil personified is creepily compelling.
The charming child is Evelyn Chen, daughter of the choreographer and Dian Dong, long a dancer in the company; she is sweetness personified.
More than just the most successful and influential rock band to emerge from San Francisco during the 1960s, they personified the cutting edge of the decade's counterculture.
s largest online job site, announced it has appointed Mary Delaney President of Personified, its new subsidiary specializing in talent acquisition and management consulting.
Yet, the overall resourcefulness of Kringle, the love shared by children and family, and the ``Take One Step in Front of the Other'' optimism that's personified in the song of the same name eventually overwhelm any negativity.
When Petit and Jeanmaire burst onto the international postwar dance scene, they personified the chic cosmopolitan essence of postwar France.