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Earlier to Personify, Thurston functioned as the president of Mitratech.
But such a task overlooks how we personify, why we personify, or what metaphorical domains are involved.
NET to power their Web sites and TMA Resources has spent over 10 years perfecting Personify," stated Bill Rogers, chief executive officer of Ektron.
Bhavsar will report directly to Personify s President Eric Thurston, and will be responsible for the professional services division of Personify.
Personify Entertainment and JUANITA has contributed the single, "Better Dayz" to be featured in this campaign.
Star performance Personify, who finally got his confidence back in the mile handicap
Morita came to personify Japan's innovative spirit that propelled that country out of the ashes after the war and turned it into an industrial and high-tech powerhouse.
A major provider of constituent relationship management/association management software solutions for the association and nonprofit markets, Personify, has added Bob Wood to its executive leadership team as the Vice President of Sales.
com)-- With a highly-anticipated music release earlier this year, Personify Entertainment distributed the single, "I Already Love U" for soulstress JUANITA and now has a dance remix available.
This is a wonderful fit for our company because the Grotto family not only brings us exceptional real estate knowledge and experience, but they personify the same commitment to honesty, integrity and professionalism that has characterized our firm since its inception," stated Colliers ABR Chairman Mark Boisi.
ACB directors personify the qualities that community banks expect from their national trade association: innovation, leadership, commitment and passion.
Grey retired just four years ago and through her recent roles came to personify the ideal grandmother to many French.