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The novel focuses mainly on the relationship between Daniel and his father, personifying the relationship the author imagined be could have had (but never did) with his own father.
To many, maybe even most, Americans, Jane Fonda is the Wal-Mart of activist celebrities--a category killer when it comes to personifying the loathsome limousine liberal, that subspecies of Hollywood Democrat which, in some tellings, is more responsible for the great Republican political ascendancy than the end of the Cold War, Bill Clinton's zipper problems, or George W.
The new strategy: collecting and analyzing data, Data gathering has been around for years, but greater technology and higher academic demands from the federal government are creating bigger demands for details and for personifying data, ridding systems of assumptions.
Here, without losing any of her trademark raunchy humor or her proclivity for word-play (in one work addressing her own wildly fluctuating art-world reception by cheekily personifying the phrase From Success to Obscurity), she seems to have abandoned herself to less slapdash and more formal pursuits, infusing her images with a new gravity.
Jackman is one of many high-profile heterosexual men who are personifying an effeminate male style more commonly referred to as "metrosexuality."