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Three hundred and forty seven law enforcement personnel and 816 civilians were martyred in 2012 in 1316 incidents and 727 LEAs personnel and 2619 civilians were injured that year.
Post Personnel implementation enabled the Department to eliminate redundant post-specific personnel applications and established a single, uniform software platform for capturing data centrally.
The challenge is to ensure safety and risk assessment are continually emphasized so personnel don't fall into an unsafe routine.
Defense officials hope for a decision on the appeal by the year's end as they continue implementing parts of the new personnel system not caught up in litigation.
The CAT concept fills a void between sector patrol officers and specialized sworn personnel in the department's Emergency Service Section.
These policies and procedures should address the services provided, personnel, workpapers and documentation, as well as how the firm communicates the results of those services.
While the LAPD and the city's Personnel Department long had maintained a strict policy that barred candidates who had used cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and hallucinogens -- even once -- times have changed.
The Army acquisition workforce has two components: active duty military personnel and Department of Army (DA) civilians.
all security personnel be required to take training in de-escalation techniques, non-violent crisis intervention and other courses which will help to minimize the risk of force with mental health consumers;
Marine Corps enlisted personnel files for individuals who were separated from the Marine Corps from 1906 through September 8, 1939
Study personnel were assigned to medical (22%), surgical (44%), pediatric (23%), and ICU (11%) wards.
Supply staging, loading, and delivery to preselected landing zones along the western coast was executed by a combination of Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps personnel at Indonesia's Sabang Airport.