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Implementation will involve hiring additional personnel, purchasing new equipment, as well as training that may be required for new technology.
The recruitment and retention of qualified personnel depends in large measure on the IRS's securing sufficient funds to de its job.
Wearing gowns when caring for MRSA patients is based on the assumption that MRSA is transmitted by clothing of personnel.
Maritain ended the chapter on the Personnel of the Church by reflecting on the fact that the Church is definitely not a democracy.
The taxpayer and the IRS examination personnel attend an orientation session.
One of the things Congress did to make it easier for the services to attract entry-level personnel was to dramatically increase military pay.
In general, you want the relationship between the client and personnel service to be one of ease and to be confident with one another, so that they know where to go whenever there's an human-resource problem, or even if they need a temporary payroll service.
Moreover, while field personnel should not give a taxpayer a copy of an FSA, the guidelines state that such personnel have an obligation to communicate to the taxpayer the rationale for any determinations made in resolving the case, which typically will involve a discussion of any legal analysis contained in the FSA.
Several major environmental factors now make the discussion of personnel costs an essential component of library planning.
Medical Personnel Pool of Southwestern Connecticut, Inc.
Concerns regarding the professional role and status of job coaches or employment specialists have received attention in terms of recruiting and retaining qualified personnel (Winking, DeStefano, & Rusch, 1988; Winking, Trach, Rusch, & Tines, 1989).

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