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The hope here, of course, is that his career will not end here, that some perspicacious company or agency will find a use for his skills and experience.
These are not hungry baboons; food aplenty in the form of fruit, cooked meats, rice, and bread are thrown to the perspicacious primates who have established their territory on that section of mountainside.
The fixation with the western world and their social-economic-political standards is something we've relied to upon as a gauge for excellence for generations and even though recent history suggests that they haven't exactly been prescient with sound planning either, we still do, instead of trying to adopt an original and perspicacious line of thought and an ability to act in accordance to it.
Smiley is middle-aged, mild-mannered, sagacious and perspicacious," he said.
Mixing media but never his message, Thornton Dial turns his perspicacious eye to events local and global in his most comprehensive show to date.
I WONDER whether David Cameron has been reading that 1967 classic, Parkinson's Law, with the introduction added in 1985 by the perspicacious Prince Philip, all too often referred to as a "gaffer".
The super grosser, the perspicacious title of which would continually be used in newspaper headlines, which is one of the five films due to be screened at the festival -- four of these have been produced by Kong, including Lee's first big feature, Pushing Hands and Eat Drink Man Woman .
For his part, the Algerian diplomat praised Tunisia's important achievements, under President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali's perspicacious leadership.
In Fitch's opinion, while bank credit is still available, banks have become far more perspicacious in their credit policies, evaluating risk more carefully and demanding greater security.
Still, his observations of global capital were perspicacious indeed; this is a good time for a biography of the anti-capitalist capitalist and a good time for a new generation to discover him.
She also provides a perspicacious discussion of Balthasar's contrast between sanctity and Hegelianism (139-40) that elegantly summarizes a key thread running through his work.
Perspicacious readers will note that this issue is still branded as an Australian Map Circle publication.