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By means of pertinent male-authored examples of both the spiritual kind, such as Boethius's De consolatione philosophiae, and the secular kind, such as Erasmus's Colloquies and Bembo's Asolani, Smarr perspicaciously argues that, while modern readers are often struck by the passivity and lack of importance of women's voices, contemporary readers "would have been more likely struck by the fact that there were women present at all" (7).
Chuck D's critique, presented perspicaciously on his CD The
My colleague on the Folk and Traditional Music degree course at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Dr Vic Gammon, contributes a scene-setting study entitled 'One Hundred Years of the Folk-Song Society' and, predictably, the piece is thoroughly researched, perspicaciously written, with a great mix of chronology, personal experience, and critical response.
The collection is perspicaciously arranged and helpfully prefaced with a summary of each essay by Gregory R.
He captured the salient issues insightfully and perspicaciously, and presented them perspicuously at that.
One supporter perspicaciously observed, "Democracy, dimly conscious of these [our modern] forces, makes an evangelist its hero.
This aspect of the question has been perspicaciously dealt with in VERBATIM by Dennis Mills in "An Alphabetaphile's Outrage" (vol.
governance which the author so perspicaciously clarifies mean that
In this camp his humanism was usually seen to be fully compatible with a pious spirituality, but Mansfield also perspicaciously notes voices arguing that he had achieved this compatibility through rough stitching, if not an intellectual sleight-of-hand.
In this instance at least, the consistency Olivelle brings to the form is superior because it reveals the original more perspicaciously.
More perspicaciously, Anita Novinsky restates Ellis Rivkin's thesis that the "negotiable" religious identity of most of the New Christians shows that they were "crypto-individualists" more than anything else (p.
1) Stigler and Boulding perspicaciously reprinted Coase's paper in the famous AEA Readings in Price Theory [1952], but for a quarter of a century it had no real impact on the profession.