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Francois Rouget, with the same perspicacity as he did for Ronsard (in his two-part Ronsard et le livre), brings to light the careful and intelligent ways that Philippe Desportes managed his relationship with libraires.
The staff attending said they were amazed by the couple's enduring perspicacity and their hospitality, which they would soon take with them to begin a new life in another country.
When we finally obtain those golden nuggets of competitive data, from top-line KPIs like ADR and occupancy down to intimate details of beverage costs of sale or salary package components, we consultants exult in our perspicacity and omniscience
He was, however, flawed as an administrator: a successful spell as Clerk of the Ordnance in the early 1850s was followed, two decades later, by a disastrous period as Postmaster General when his general lack of perspicacity and forcefulness compounded already complicated problems within his department.
Ferguson is a loveable, quirky, original character and at the denouement, his slightly tetchy grandfather shows a resilience and perspicacity that delights and surprises his grandson.
Most diplomatic media handbooks counsel the importance of early public comment on the basis of the facts, while maintaining legal perspicacity and people's privacy.
NNA - Caretaker Minister of Information, Walid Daouk, said Tuesday that House Speaker, Nabih Berri, was able to lead all parties to the sought agreement over an elections law, owing to his wisdom and perspicacity.
No-one can deny the punditry aplomb of Gray and I mused how wasteful, now his perspicacity is consigned only to the wireless.
Mr Pugh's decision to retire was taken last year, so while his timing is good, it owes as much to personal circumstances as it does to any market perspicacity.
Riba doubts the snickering certainty of his perspicacity and has lost confidence in the need for literature or finding a brilliant heroic author.
bucketstomp[TM] is producing another podcast entitled The Perspicacity Podcast[TM] - coming soon - which will reveal deeper insight into electrifying stories from yesteryear inspiring and motivating the music, plus into other bucketstomp[TM] podcasts.
she asked, with all the perspicacity one would expect of Miss Marple.