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I perceive that your royal highness has studied my notes to great advantage; your amazing perspicacity overpowers me with delight.
I was surprised that even a man of the Stone Age should be so lacking in military perspicacity.
Though she was not lacking in sense or perspicacity, religious theories, and her complete ignorance of higher emotions had encircled all her faculties with an iron hand; they were exercised solely on the commonest things of life; spent in a few directions they were able to concentrate themselves on a matter in hand.
The entire world hung for months over this obscure problem --the most obscure, it seems to me, that has ever challenged the perspicacity of our police or taxed the conscience of our judges.
I assure you that your perspicacity is at fault here.
Tulliver, rather sharply,--his perspicacity or his fatherly fondness for Maggie making him suspect that the lad had been hard upon "the little un," else she would never have left his side.
s perspicacity in bringing these seemingly disparate voices into a convincing whole.
This understanding of the experience of the beauty of music in the context of spiritual discipline prepares Labat to recognize and delineate with rare perspicacity the particular intermixture of pleasure and a certain kind of pain in the intensity of our response to such beauty.
The staff attending said they were amazed by the couple's enduring perspicacity and their hospitality, which they would soon take with them to begin a new life in another country.
The US had provided India a rare opportunity for a geo- political and strategic accommodation which was in Delhi's abiding interest but the domestic political wrangling exuded little perspicacity.
When we finally obtain those golden nuggets of competitive data, from top-line KPIs like ADR and occupancy down to intimate details of beverage costs of sale or salary package components, we consultants exult in our perspicacity and omniscience
The story seems to rest on the fanciful assumption that a child is not merely an adult in the making, but a separate breed altogether, with greater perspicacity and even a different value system.