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Whereas, by giving attention to the rules which relate to this part of style, we acquire the habit of expressing ourselves with perspicuity and elegance; and, if a disorder chance to arise in some of our sentences, we immediately see where it lies, and are able to rectify it.
But his celebrity has exceeded his insight; his vanity his perspicuity.
In the end, in order for Orlie's argument to be convincing, she must presume that there is an extraordinary perspicuity about our "trespasses.
In effect, the redefinition of logos as utile had stylistic implications as well, and Defoe's insistence that tradesmen should pursue clarity and perspicuity in their writing is perfectly consistent with calls for a new "plain style" which emerged from the Royal Society of London for the Improving of Natural Knowledge.
The perspicuity of a DEM is enhanced by its axiomatization.
For decades, cash management of domestic flows has been a vital function for companies with the perspicuity to administer the process.
Despite it being a difficult undertaking to write a book encompassing seven centuries of development in economic thought, it is a pleasure to read because of its clear style and perspicuity of thought.
92) he points out that his own notation makes this distinction manifest, and the marking of this distinction does add to the perspicuity of a notation.
53) As in Volume I, Gibbon strongly defended the advantages of his method of arranging material: `I preferred, as I still prefer, the method of groupping my picture by nations, and the seeming neglect of Chronological order is surely compensated by the superior merits of interest and perspicuity.
The chapters on later thinkers must be left to a more competent reviewer, but they seem to have been written with the same confident perspicuity, which often goes more directly to the heart of an author's meaning than a battery of footnotes.
We judge leaders and statesmen--de Gaulle, Churchill--by the perspicuity of their reason in political matters.
It is a meaningful step in the maturity and development of a company, and the same leadership, management, perspicuity, and drive that propelled the CEO to such a position should suffice to ensure a successful offering.