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In what is literally his first statement as Publius, Hamilton rejects the contemporary stylistic consensus for perspicuity in favor of this progressive act of building meaning through appropriate qualifiers.
1) For a time, Hamilton's perspicuity was borne out both in theory and practice.
Children yet unborn will proclaim your perspicuity in preserving our library.
139) This perspicuity, this clarity, brought new light to some longstanding controversies.
October 1815, refers to "The Politeness & Perspicuity of your letter" and continues by saying that
It takes a certain triumph of perspicuity over sentimentality to bulldoze the first hotel you ever built, but that's just what Al Habtoor did last year.
Guo (2011) shed light on the role of perspicuity of information before travel in passengers' route selection.
While Stockman's perspicuity is evident throughout the book, key concepts are sometimes circumstantially defined.
I AM struck by the perspicuity shown by Mr Bernard Trafford in his article published in your esteemed columns of March 28.
Midlevel abstracting allows for the dialectical tension to bounce between falsehood and truthfulness, concealment and openness, and equivocation and perspicuity.
In them, male homosexuality is organized around the observant gaze and uncanny perspicuity of a woman, whose paranoid knowledge extends, parodies, and mirrors the simultaneously held and disavowed knowledge the men possess about the complexities of their own desires.
Polkinghorne judges full-blown traditional orthodoxy today objectively irrational for requiring so many exceptions to the uniformity of nature to uphold the inerrancy and perspicuity of all of scripture (especially including early Genesis) in the face of modern science (historical geology, evolutionary biology, cosmology, etc.