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Aubrey Thomas de Vere sends Browning his praise for Men and Women: "far your best." De Vere muses, "I cannot help thinking that you could easily make your Poetry still more beautiful if you would condescend more to the slow intelligence of your readers, in the way of a more complete perspicuity, &, secondly, by avoiding a certain metrical abruptness in some parts, which judging from the admirable harmony of others ...
(lines 21-24) Or better still in a variant perspicuity Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey by Wordsworth (lines 37-50).
Likewise, in the anonymous A Short English Grammar (1794) Lowth's grammar is described as a "very elegant Treatise [...] But that, though an admirable composition, is rather calculated to gratify the critical curiosity of one who has already perfected his Education, than to be useful to a Child who is just beginning it; and does not seem to possess either the perspicuity or conciseness necessary for a student scarcely emerged from the nursery" (Anom.
To best present her case, the speaker should be "speaking in pure Latin, with perspicuity, with gracefulness, and with aptitude and congruity (decore) to the subject in question" (Cicero, On the Ideal Orator).
For that, the Calvinistic Baptists would point the Christian to Scripture in all of its perspicuity, sufficiency, and perfection.
Uriel's exceptional perspicuity, caught 'fixt in cogitation deep' (629), reveals him at this moment to be blinder than the reader, who foreknowing can easily see the artificiality of the disguise [Satan dressed for a masque] and the fraudulence it conceals" (45).
While I myself did not delve deeply into what is meant by the ordinary or what we can draw from philosophy to appreciate it, that project has been pursued with remarkable perspicuity by Veena Das (2007; 2012; 2015).
Only perspicuity will prevent fears of unfairness and bias.
(4) Perspicuity, which allows checking if the representation is easily understood by the users so that it can be consistently applied and interpreted, and if it "documents itself?" (5) Precision/Granularity, which allows checking if the core set of the representation primitives are partitionable or do they overlap in meaning?
Perspicuity, therefore, requires not only that the ideas should be distinctly formed, but that they should be expressed by words distinctly and exclusively appropriated to them.
Reviewing Thoreau's training in rhetoric at Harvard, notably under Edward Tyrell Charming, Otterberg finds the classical standard of "perspicuity" subtly challenged by "a backhanded sanction of obscurity as strategy" (190).