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To Sidney, what makes poetry unique is its ability to present clear and perspicuous images to the "imaginative and judging power" of our mind.
In the being of the artist, we encountered the most perspicuous and most familiar mode of will to power.
This sudden discursive shift from the popular legend and the literary-textual into the memoir is by now a familiar tactic of the narrator, whose total immersion in the details of everyday life, rather than dulling his senses, has made him a much more perspicuous observer and critic of his times.
he had not seen any that had written in so plain and perspicuous a method .
For Sidney, Giordano Bruno's patron, what makes poetry unique is its ability to present clear and perspicuous images to the "imaginative power of our mind"; poets can influence their readers more deeply by touching their feelings and filling their memory with moral images.
The philosophy of the social sciences makes perspicuous certain issues raised by considering the relationship between theory and practice.
He also has a gift for putting into perspicuous prose cumbersome theoretical terres and using them to illuminate theatrical practice.
He has given a translation that is funny and serious in turn, that has wit and dry humor and slapstick, that comments o,1 and questions the heroic ethic in a self-reflexive manner, that has elegance of style and dazzling formal qualities, and that represents early Irish culture in a remarkably perspicuous manner.
Authenticity is a label name taken from the theoretical work of Chickering and Reisser (1993); being perspicuous and demonstrating a commitment to student growth are examples of authentic behavior.
Now, there are areas in which ghosts and spirits are perspicuous and areas in which they are not perspicuous.
William uses perspicuous figurative thinking rather than abstract thinking.