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Scripture and icons are not meant to be perspicuous or immediately available to all because they are part of the wooing of humanity by God.
This realization gave inception to a computer-assisted command post exercise now widely known across the Pacific sustainment and intelligence enterprises as the "Perspicuous Provider" intelligence exercise.
My thesis is that Wittgenstein's reflections on aesthetics operate in a similar way; like the vignettes on teaching, or on people with whom "we can't find our feet," they give us a perspicuous view of our enculturation in language-games and thus contribute to his overall project of illuminating how meaning works, holistically and contextually, against the background.
In Andrews's account, Southey's History of Brazil (1810, 1817, 1819) reflects Southey's aim of writing history that was perspicuous, "rememberable," and circumstantial (CLRS 1671), "judging] of men according to their age, country, situation, and even time of life" (Vindiciae Ecclesice Anglicance [1826]; qtd.
These visibly bisected marks register a double temporality of drawing and "undrawing" that reprises but also renders more perspicuous the constitutive role of the reserves in his first experiments with the striped format.
Word: Perspicuous. Clearly expressed or presented; lucid: "Perspicuous presentations will help advisors land more prospects." Source: Dictionary.corn
While Gracia's "readings" of philosophical perspectives, Borges's narratives and the visual field of the picture plane are always perspicuous and vibrantly responsive, they too often devolve to atomistic claims.
Ethics originates within the observation of phenomena, hence it is inscribed within the practice of phenomenology, which teaches us that perception and appreciation of contingency is a poetic act (p 105) In a climate when the humanities are being dumbed down or erased completely because of the incredulous capitalist tenet that it lacks economic value, forgetting at once that we are human beings and not human resources as our sales tag indicates, the author reminds us that it is only in the Arts that we find those perspicuous descriptions of what it is to be human, phenomenologically, in all our glory and all our disappointing horror, which in turn defies reification:
'a "perspicuous'" representation of the grammatical' (49) comparable to the representation of colour by the colour octahedron (described in [section]39 of Philosophical Remarks as grammar).
Yet even the relatively rare, and significantly less popular, ventures in secular ethics have adopted a similar picture, grounding the principles they claim to be fundamental in episodes of ethical discovery, usually moments in which particularly perspicuous thinkers have recognized some deep and important truth that can then be received by all.
Through the “bold and perspicuous windows” of his award-winning novels, Konrad Ventana throws back the curtains of conformity, looks critically at the ideologies of our postmodern times, and examines the potential for future development.
Inspired by a smallish band of perspicuous others (Milton, Darwin, Emmanuel Levinas ...), he presents us with both a plenary critique of the present and an encompassing alternative.