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The phrasing-level attributes of the scholarly study, which also enable affect in a more distributed and local way, are: proliferation of terms, perspicuousness of and devotion to examples, diagrams, admissions, ironies, humor, citations of affiliates and disaffiliates, quantity and type of footnotes, disputes, anecdotes or the lack of them, declarations, the conveyed image of the reader, reader-friendly gestures of pace and length, attention to context and history, range, grouping, felicitous phrasing, technical vocabulary, tone of voice, authorial self-reference or the lack of it.
First, it is suggested that consciousness of one's own identity as persisting in time is a language-independent capacity, and that philosophical discussions of self-consciousness would gain in perspicuousness by taking that explicitly into account.
The perspicuousness of such evidence is the topic of Yeats's "Among School Children," in which it is the indistinction between dancer and dance which authenticates aesthetic experience.