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There is a good deal of effort right now to rewrite history about last summer's war, but anybody who really thinks that the Israelis didn't fail in their endeavor there just isn't paying attention or is easily persuadable by propaganda of one kind or another.
The nonpartisan race, coupled with Fleenor's being an independent with a solid, deep business background, gave him credibility with persuadable Republicans and independents," said Scott Bartlett, a Fleenor supporter and a member of the Lane County budget committee.
The question then arises: Is the current Iranian leadership rational and persuadable enough to renounce the bomb?
think ourselves happy in our condition of fully developed monkeyhood--but I was too proud and discontented to be found persuadable in these things" (10:49).
But an attorney can also see everything unravel if one of the justices shreds a carefully crafted argument with a couple of well-placed questions; few feelings are more dispiriting than leaving the courtroom after the justices did not seem either persuaded or persuadable.
The bill is believed to have at least 15 firm supporters in the 50-seat Parliament with a further 12 regarded as persuadable.
It said, "Be weak, be water, be characterless, be cheaply persuadable.
Blunkett opened the door to such a law by telling the Daily Post this January, "Personally, I have not been in favour, but I am persuadable.
According to one political consultant, most elections are won by targeting and winning over the roughly 20 percent of "low information persuadable swing voters," who typically don't read campaign literature: they respond to symbols, messages, and appeals to which they closely identity, leaving campaign strategists the job of finding out which issues will capture their interest.
a persuasive case for anyone who is still persuadable," "an accumulation of painstakingly gathered and analyzed evidence," "only the most gullible and wishful thinking souls can now deny that Iraq is harboring and hiding weapons of mass destruction," "the skeptics asked for proof; they now have it," "a much more detailed and convincing argument than any that has previously been told," "an ironclad case .
He said: "I don't know if Nasser is persuadable when it comes to his decision on the captaincy.
Though polling often suggests that 70 per cent of the public are opposed to membership, the left-leaning Centre suggested that opposition was shallow and voters easily persuadable.