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It was to find out how many of our persuadable voters were watching those day-parts?
There have to be some persuadable California voters in that mix, and she's just one actress.
The RNC has made bold moves to poach persuadable members of traditional Democratic constituencies (blacks, Jews, Hispanics) while DNC efforts to do the same with traditionally Republican constituencies (environmentally minded hunters, moderate evangelicals) are barely off the ground.
It struck me as a political consultant as something radical, because for years we had always talked about that persuadable middle electorate, and that's what it was all about.
At the same time, Rove aimed to supplement conservative support, not by concentrating on swing voters as he had done in 2000, but by making targeted appeals to what he considered persuadable constituencies.
I think the real story of American politics in the next ten years," Galston predicts, "will be written as much around the behavior of Catholics, persuadable Catholics, as around .
The major findings of this poll were that, contrary to Gallup reports, the election was an open issue in the public mind, independent voters were persuadable with Truman's record, and there were no solid partisan blocks of voters.