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Cross told Arkansas Business that the preliminary injunction hearing attracted lawyers from other states as spectators, since similar challenges to the new persuader rules have also been filed in Texas and Minnesota.
When I was given the choice by Lew Grade of who I'd do The Persuaders with, whether it was Rock Hudson, Glenn Ford or Tony Curtis, I jumped straight-"When I was given the choice by Lew Grade of who I'd do The Persuaders with, whether it was Rock Hudson, Glenn Ford or Tony Curtis, I jumped straightaway at the idea of Tony.
The two parties, the persuader and the persuadee, participate in the context of persuasion.
While agreeing with Plato's concerns about the skills of brilliant Persuaders, Aristotle proceeds to differentiate types of intellectual virtues or excellences, distinguishing those that are capable of successfully but uncritically achieving their aims from those whose exercise intrinsically incorporate good and admirable ends.
Argumentative complexity is thought to be related to persuasiveness because research has found that people presenting more complex arguments are not only more persuasive, but also perceived by others as more competent persuaders (Campo, 1999; Kuhn, 1991, p.
The author, himself, while presenting his material in a reasonably objective manner, does indicate his preferences regarding the best ways for influential persuaders (essentially preachers, teachers, and writers) to lead others to seek and embrace and grow in the ultimate good for themselves and their society.
We in the infantry battalions disliked the practice because, by the time the Persuaders or Long Toms had done their dirty work, the Chinese would have tried to figure out the offending gun position and started to lob stuff in that direction.
4 MATTHEW BRANNON Raised on LA death rock and punk 'zine cultures, Brannon now works from New York City in both the high- and low-end production of posters, often collaborating with institutions, artists, curators, and other conceptual persuaders.
Likewise, there have always been human persuaders in society, masters of rhetoric capable of changing our minds, or at least our behaviors.
After about one month of the first installation with no more edge damage, ten more Persuaders were ordered for the field conveyors.
From The Hidden Persuaders in 1957 through The People Shapers in 1977, Packard was seldom absent from the best-seller list, and two subsequent books enjoyed modest success.