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TO PERSUADE, PERSUADING. To persuade is to induce to act: persuading is inducing others to act. Inst. 4, 6, 23; Dig. 11, 3, 1, 5.
     2. In the act of the legislature which declared that "if any person or persons knowingly and willingly shall aid or assist any enemies at open war with this state, &c. by persuading others to enlist for that purpose, &c., he shall be adjudged guilty of high treason;" the word persuading, thus used; means to succeed: and there must be an actual enlistment, of the person persuaded in order to bring the, defendant within the intention of the clause. 1 Dall. R. 39; Carr. Crim. L 237; 4 Car. & Payne, 369 S. C. 1 9 E. C L. R. 425; 9 Car. & P. 79; and article Administering; vide 2 Lord Raym. 889. It may be fairly argued, however, that the attempt to persuade without success would be a misdemeanor. 1 Russ. on Cr. 44.
     3. In England it has been decided, that to incite and procure a person to commit suicide, is not a crime for which the party could be tried. 9 C. & P. 79; 38 E. C. L. R. 42; M. C. C. 356. Vide Attempt; Solicitation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said the touts were picked up while persuading the potential passengers at the KLIA arrival hall, with the main 'target' being Arab tourists.
It is very difficult to sell (persuade and convince) while believing that selling (persuading and convincing) is wrong.
Teesside has traditionally had a higher than average number of smokers and although there has been a good amount of effort put into persuading people to quit, it remains a problem of some magnitude.
The host of the ITV1 show said: "Some of them needed persuading. I don't think they refused, but they perhaps needed to be pointed in the right direction."
Hardman is accused of persuading Ms C and another girl to pose together topless.
"I said I'd take a lot of persuading to do it again.
But can there be a better way of persuading us to abandon our vehicles than these old photographs of what Brum used to be like before the motor car ruled?
Glenn, who is already hoping to churn out British Olympic hopefuls from his gym in a quiet corner of the old Chevyside School, in Newbiggin Hall Estate, Newcastle, believes persuading the Cubans to mount their challenge from here would be a boost for the region.
She held several meetings with US diplomats in London in the hope of persuading them to take part in the inquiry.
He speaks of the two primary roles as reporting and persuading; certain administrative measures will not succeed without such activity.
MANY years ago breweries decided that they could make massive profits by persuading people to stay at home and sit on their sofas drinking, rather than go to the pub.
Persuading Shearer to play on has become increasingly important with Craig Bellamy seemingly having no future on Tyneside and Patrick Kluivert yet to persuade the manager the two-year option on his contract should be taken up.