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In all these studies it is seen that there exists no simple relationship between the self-esteem of the message recipient and persuasibility.
Instead there seems to be a deeper relationship between persuasibility and self-esteem, which may be explained as a function of one or all of the above-mentioned variables (e.
In our study we aimed to broaden the existing literature by exploring the possible effects of distinct bases of self-esteem on persuasibility.
The results of our study supported the expectation that self-esteem and persuasibility do not have a simple relationship.
The bases of self-esteem were found to explain the relationship between self-esteem and persuasibility better than did the general self-esteem measure.
A further study using a different persuasive message, conducted with a more heterogeneous sample consisting of respondents coming from a broader range of age groups and social backgrounds would further clarify the relationships among self-esteem, message sidedness, and persuasibility.
Our study has added to the literature in that we examined message sidedness effects in relation to the link between self-esteem and persuasibility.
Effects of manipulated self-esteem on persuasibility depending on threat and complexity of communication.