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Carroll, a former teacher and English professor, and poet and teacher Wilson, offer a guide to teaching students how to write persuasively.
Author Ronald Stone (Professor Emeritus of Ethics, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) applies Niebuhr's concepts on an international scale, persuasively arguing that moral realism is more desperately needed than ever in modern foreign policy and particularly with issues concerning terrorism.
In conclusion he offers several scenarios for the future, putting wildland fire management policy in this broader historical and cultural context and arguing persuasively that "fire management is fundamental to our obligations as environmental stewards and is an obligation of civil society to its members and the future.
Municipal chauvinists could persuasively suggest that the flashiest but also most stylish (now there's a combination for you
As with many of Wood's postulations, although not conclusive, the evidence is persuasively presented.
If deft montage were not perennially effective as agitprop, Rosler could not have turned back so persuasively to her archive.
Any well instructed Catholic has had it repeatedly, insistently, persuasively, winsomely, lovingly put on his or her conscience that we have a moral obligation to positively protect innocent human life.
Although "marine reserves" or "marine protected areas" may connote different things m different people, Fujita argues persuasively, though not exclusively, for no-take reserves and that a system of carefully chosen and completely protected areas would provide substantial benefits for a broad range of marine species and habitat types.
The new labels and look, according to the company, give the brand a stronger presence on shelf and communicate quality, efficacy and safety clearly and persuasively to the consumer.
The Holy Reich does not deal persuasively enough, however, with the provenance of the twisted theology (termed "positive Christianity") that the Nazis propagated.
He has documented his thesis richly--and persuasively.