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In our student interviews, we were interested in learning whether students with different sociocultural identities and trust profiles (that is, composite pictures based on their answers to the social, personal, and political trust questions) would evaluate evidence differently in terms of their trustworthiness and persuasiveness and whether their evaluations would change once the evidence was placed in the context of a real public policy issue.
According to the rationalization explanation, the reasoning that constitutes the persuasiveness of impressions is the reasoning in the rationalization of natural inclinations.
In the coming election, Davutoy-lu's greatest problem is going to be his lack of persuasiveness and the fact that he sits so squarely in Erdoy-an's shadow.
Originality/value: This study is able to advance the method of examining the effectiveness of advertisement by proposing an integrative model which examines both the persuasiveness of advertisement together with advertisement role in developing brand equity.
I am counting on the persuasiveness of my argument," said the Ombudsman, P.
The top nine videos (three from each category), as voted on by the public, will then be judged by a panel of small to medium-sized business experts on persuasiveness, creativity, and impact.
Evidence generally has been found to increase a message's persuasiveness as compared to no-evidence conditions (e.
He said, "I am sure a sagacious person like is well aware of the lacunae that exist in the present set-up of the United Nations and is quite capable to assert your persuasiveness in transforming the role, scope and status of the world body you headed for two terms.
Our hope is that the guide melds public health expertise with sound principles of public communication, so that proponents of public health preparedness can improve their persuasiveness when discussing the subject with members of the public, elected officials or the media, who may be unfamiliar with it," said APHA Chief of Staff Arlene Stephenson, MAS.
A leadership role in this scenario will require investment, persuasiveness, and most of all, courage.
President's persuasiveness, his qualification to solve problems impartially and his cohesive speciality broke down because of his role-sharing with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his mission which he carries out by taking AK Party to his priority.