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A CAR'S price and performance outweigh the persuasiveness of showroom staff when consumers look for a new vehicle, a survey showed today.
Videos will be judged based on persuasiveness, creativity and entertainment value.
Which is perhaps partly why, when Hatton talks about the tactics he is going to use to dethrone the mighty Mayweather, he does so with a persuasiveness which few other fighters can muster.
The musical feel of this story-themed album goes from blues to folk to soul and real dark jazz with a persuasiveness few can match.
A scholarly resource especially for college students seeking to acclimate themselves to principles of persuasiveness.
The main glory of this release, however, is the radiance of the orchestral playing by the Vienna Philharmonic and the persuasiveness of Christian Thielemann's conducting.
Her contrapuntal handling of sources endows the study with persuasiveness and immediacy, while rooting it firmly in a unique time and place.
As for other aspects of Longoria's persuasiveness in the role of rookie presidential protector Jill Marin, technical adviser Gerald Cavis was all seal of approval.
35(f) requires a separate determination of the opinion's persuasiveness regarding the tax issues in question, as well as the taxpayer's good faith reliance on the opinion; see Exhibit 4 at left.
When it comes to advocating programs, Sperling's persuasiveness varies.