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internal audit reports) that pertains to the authenticity and integrity of the records be furni shed.
It may kindly be noted that Rule 225 pertains to rules to be observed by members while present in the Senate whereas Rule 255 pertains to sittings in camera of the senate and the disclosure of proceedings and decisions.
The price increase pertains to list and off-list pricing and includes, but is not limited to, the following product lines: Joncryl, Laroflex, Laromer, Laropal, Lucirin, Luhydran, Luron, Lutonal, Luwipal and Plastopal.
Vegetables are seen as "yin" (which pertains to female and cool energy), whereas meat is considered "yang" (which pertains to male and warm energy), while rice and noodles are seen as neutral.
A very narrow curriculum pertains to reading and mathematics instruction, important as they are for all persons.
Debate 5 pertains to whether or not governmental policies are solving the problems of homelessness.