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I looked at his resume and didn't see anything that pertained to the job,'' Singer said.
The appellate court found that the rent demand and petition met the requirements of law; that is, the tenant was given clear, concise and actual notice of the amount due and the period that the claim pertained to; that additional "ancillary charges" for attorneys' fees and late fees were also itemized in the rent demand did not, in the Appellate Term's view, represent a demand for illegal rent in excess of the rent stabilized maximum.
Proposals 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, and 4G pertained, respectively, to: unlimited voting rights for common stock (4A); the elimination of Series A Preferred stock (4B); shareholder proposals for shareholder meetings (4C); the elimination of provisions relating to "Acquiring Entities" (4D); and, the indemnification of directors and officers (4G).