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Islamabad -- Senate committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges, decided to defer the matter of formation of an ethics committee in Senate in order to get more advice from senior members of the committee having more insight into matters pertaining to law.
He said improved infrastructure for judicial officers, capacity building of relevant stakeholders of the legal justice system, research and development in this sector, schemes pertaining to Law department and Peshawar High Court are considered.
Matters pertaining to law and order situation and uplift of the district came under discussion in the meeting.
Reading out comparative figures pertaining to law and order position both in TN and Gujarat, Jayalalithaa claimed that atrocities on women and caste, religion-related crimes and infant mortality rate were very less in her state than in Gujarat.
This is an issue pertaining to law and order in the state, which is deplorable and is not being maintained.
The Nordic Network of Law and Literature, established in 2005, aims to increase interdisciplinary research pertaining to law and literature, from a Nordic perspective.
The two working groups that are most likely to be involved in issues pertaining to law firm marketing and sales are those addressing the implications of new technologies and law firm rankings and ratings.
Founded in 1781, Washington & Jefferson, located in Washington, Pennsylvania, is one of AmericaYs oldest and most distinguished liberal arts institutions, especially in studies pertaining to law and health.
Cochran Files features Cochran and other attorneys providing commentary on a variety of subjects pertaining to law, as well as answers to questions from BET.
He also worked as a teacher at an Islamic boarding school and as a lecturer and Dean at Hasyim Ashari University's Faculty of Ushuludin (one of the branches of theology pertaining to law and philosophy).
Topics pertaining to law, management, finance, brokerage, government and development will be addressed by CREW-NY members who will share their expertise in these fields.
These may include issues pertaining to law enforcement, order maintenance, or discretionary judgment.