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Therefore, reforms pertaining to property rights, investor protection, dispute resolution and contract enforcement will be crucial to attract foreign investment and raise private sector participation.
The web portal launched by the Ministry a couple of weeks ago had received a total of 166 complaints pertaining to Property, Pension, Salaries, Visa, Hajj and other issues.
The case pertaining to property owned by Aleema Khan in Dubai came up for hearing before SC Lahore registry Saturday.
Technically, everyone in Canada, and Canadians abroad, are required to provide the RCMP with information pertaining to property that could belong to anyone on a sanctions list, it's not clear if they're aware of this responsibility.
Included are also five presentations pertaining to property declaration, receiving of gifts as well as management and administration of MPs' allocations.
provide legal guidance pertaining to property acquisitions, property disposals, easement dedications, and right of way vacations.
First, it can purchase from a landowner the development rights pertaining to property and then extinguish those rights.
Papers pertaining to property will be handed over to you.
The lecture will be followed by an open discussion on the issues faced by many in obtaining the deeds pertaining to property they purchased in Cyprus and how these may best be addressed.
He said that all issues pertaining to property tax will soon be resolved.
"Real Estate Professionals have demonstrated, with the help of the web, that they now make possible for any consumer in the world (with access to the internet) to gain immediate access to organized, comprehensive, and detailed information…including both text and visual content pertaining to property info when purchasing a home.
The report said that the highest number (17 percent) of FIR's were related to crimes pertaining to property, followed by 11 percent of those ensuing physical harm and seven percent for threat and fraud and four percent for crimes against women.(ANI)