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Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India] September 04 (ANI/BusinessWire India): It is a staple of Indian society to leave financial decisions pertaining to the family in the hands of men.
'All detailed documents pertaining to the family assets have been submitted to the JIT, [however] these documents were also previously submitted to concerned authorities and institutions,' the premier said.
The first assembly, composed of a smaller group of bishops, focused on defining the current situation pertaining to the family in the context of the Catholic Church.
The 2-day conference will discuss issues pertaining to the family medicine, gynecology, surgery, pediatrics, communicable diseases, resuscitation of newborns and radiography by ultrasonic waves.
Although no book can cover all the legal and ethical issues that school counselors will encounter, this book includes more than 100 case studies that cover areas pertaining to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, negligence, child abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, and the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.
The polychaetes that are normally described as important because of its high impact to the mollusc shells, especially in abalones, are those pertaining to the family Spionidae, the cirratulids are described as a secondary shell borer.
A family council gives all members of the family a chance to express themselves on issues pertaining to the family as a whole and consider the responsibilities of each family member.
MONEY matters pertaining to the family, or to property plans seem to be putting you into a quandary or throwing more possibilities into the ring.
Parents, in Jane Austen's world, are not expected to be much on their children's side, except in matters pertaining to the family name, but your siblings stand by you.
(1) Pertaining to the family Corvidae, including crows, jays and magpies.
During the long windy night, a number of oldsters engage in conversation pertaining to the family and centering on events of the distant and near past.
The priests spoke on Magisterial documents pertaining to the family (The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality and the Holy Father's Letter To Families, among others).