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As the plan is likely to lead to an increase in the number of prayer leaders in the province, it is important that the CM shows the same urgency for other pending plans and proposals as well, particularly those pertaining to the law and order situation and education reforms in the province.
She stressed the importance of prompt issuance of executive resolutions pertaining to the Law for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Caring for Disabled Persons, the modification of legal procedures before the Sharia courts deemed as a law that supports the Family Provisions Law, the activation of monitoring tools to ensure good implementation of national legislations and ministerial resolutions as well as administrative/executive regulations.
The meeting took up matters pertaining to the law and order situation, actions against proclaimed offenders, drug traffickers and law breakers and the performance of police officials posted at police stations and police posts.
Matters pertaining to the law and order in the province, police's strategy against crimes and effective strategy in this regard came up for discussion.
The law stipulates the responsibilities of Dewa in implementing the rules and regulations pertaining to the law.
KARACHI -- The Director General (DG) Rangers Sindh, Major General Rizwan Akhter chaired a high-level meeting pertaining to the law and order situation of Karachi, at which the officials decided to keep the situation of the metropolis under control.
Pertaining to the law on banning smoking, Majdalani said we were certain that the law shall be applied everywhere.
Falah Mustafa, the official in charge of the Iraqi Kurdistan region's foreign relations, had said on Saturday that Barazani arrived in Baghdad on Saturday on a visit to offer fresh proposals for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki pertaining to the law on oil and gas and financial appropriations for the peshmerga forces, or Region's Guards, from the federal budget.
The Department asked the judge to "consolidate" two usually separate steps: A hearing on a request for a preliminary injunction against the law (filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the National Abortion Federation), and a full trial on the merits on any factual issues pertaining to the law.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Tuesday chaired a meeting pertaining to the law and order situation here at the Prime Minister House.
Disabled individuals involved in a case pertaining to the law on disability rights can also file cases free.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court Wednesday said governments come and go and we have to save the country, if the Prime Minister does not perform his duties then constitution will work and emergency can be enforced in the case pertaining to the law and order situation in Balochistan and the missing persons issue in the province.