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He appreciated the FPCCI for presenting positive picture of Pakistan pertaining to trade and investment.
The event dealt with patents, criteria and principles of international investment, he said, noting it reviewed several axes pertaining to trade and investment, like commercial principles of services of information technology and safety of food and the declaration of GCC-US investment.
During the visit, a number of memorandums of understanding (MoUs) pertaining to trade, bilateral cooperation and economy will also be signed be signed by the leaders, according to sources.
The forum organises a monthly luncheon to which it invites all of its members to discuss various matters pertaining to trade affairs.
The Senators asked the Foreign Office to look into the credibility of a news item published in today's newspapers pertaining to trade between Afghanistan and India and Pakistan's role in it.
Its major recommendations pertaining to trade union recognition, industrial relations commission, etc.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Managing director of Iran's Mercantile Exchange (IME) Hossein Panahian denied reports pertaining to trade and exports of non-standard bitumen by Mercantile Exchange.
Mauritius, an active member of SADC, COMESA and the African Union, is currently pursuing a well defined policy pertaining to its Africa Strategy with a view to deepening the synergies pertaining to trade, investment and economic cooperation on the African continent.
Part 1 analyzes the regulation of innovative food in the EU, while part 2 explains why it is difficult to deal with risks pertaining to trade products in a heterogeneous EU.
They also shed light on information and data pertaining to trade and investment opportunities available in the Sultanate and Spain, as well as the possibility of cooperation in sectors of common concern to the Omani and Spanish private sector, in addition to reviewing major products, services and commodities provided by companies in the Sultanate and Spain.
Therefore, expenditure incurred by the German company on acquiring business rights pertaining to trade information, business records, pending contracts, services of skilled employees, etc.
Latin American countries, with the exception of Chile and Panama, rank very low on trade logistics indicators pertaining to trade transport infrastructure and customs efficiency," she says.