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One pertained to the allegations of accumulation of assets beyond known sources of income by,second allegation pertained to illegal appointments of 352 appointees while the third allegation pertained to the embezzlement of funds for the construction of MPA Hostel and construction of new Sindh Assembly building, including the appointment of project directors for the said projects.
The third inquiry pertains to embezzlement of funds for the construction of the MPA Hostel and the new Sindh Assembly building, as well as the appointment of project directors for these projects.
The price increase pertains to North American markets only and is necessary due to escalating energy, transportation and raw material costs in the region.
Debate 5 pertains to whether or not governmental policies are solving the problems of homelessness.
As such, ihsan pertains to a person's internalization of islam and iman, the former with the view of realizing spiritual and moral virtues that constitute the essential values of the Shari'ah, and the latter with the view of attaining knowledge of the inner realities of all things.
Students will have to register with Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) for hands-on performance-based training, which specifically pertains to their duties.
Another weakness pertains to the varying levels of difficulty in the posttests interspersed throughout the module.