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His Practice came by his Profession, and his Preaching (as he pretended) by Revelation: For he would take a Text in his sleep, and deliver a good Sermon upon it, and though his Auditory were willing to silence him, by pulling, haling, and pinching, yet would he pertinaciously persist to the end, and sleep still.
But he was a true son of Idaho, crotchety and strange yet pertinaciously loyal, and can you blame him for resenting that part-time resident Ernest Hemingway was feted as the Gem State's author?
While the other experts restricted their analysis to the traditional definition of heresy as an erroneous opinion maintained pertinaciously (a definition that rendered it more difficult to make the connection with practices of black magic), Enrico takes another path, more accommodating of the notion of pact with the devil.
Genocide scholars around the world have repeatedly and pertinaciously affirmed the historical reality of the Armenian genocide.
He said in one of his reviews that his countrymen "adhere pertinaciously to the .
The heretic is a Christian who pertinaciously maintains positions on matters of faith which either contradict or are not condoned by the Church.
could be childish: "He had no notion of time, and as pertinaciously required everyone to be at his beck and call as any curled darling in
The Council of Trent declared that, if someone pertinaciously denies this, he is automatically excommunicated (Enchiridion .
Christ's suffering and death "were inflicted on him because he maintained his obedience," an obedience "consisting in his upholding of righteousness so bravely and pertinaciously that as a result he incurred death.
29) However, in Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) the middle class and part of the local gentry clung pertinaciously to Lutheranism, setting back the effect of the Counter Reformation in these regions by almost one hundred years as compared to the situation in Little Poland (Matopolska).