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The execution of this licensing agreement with Pertinax verifies our business model and is an important milestone for us," said Dr.
For each tolerable ruler--a Diocletian, Pertinax, Constantine, or Julian--there were a dozen monsters, such as Caracalla, Elagabalus, Maximin, Valens, and others far too numerous to merit mention.
Some of us are slaves or mercenaries or professional gladiators, but we all have to fit into the historical period that we've chosen - the first century AD,' says Pertinax, aka Giuseppe Pecorelli, a 52-year-old sales executive.
The four young gorillas have bonded, so now it's time to introduce the silverback Pertinax back into the group.
Mark Walford's mount is still on the upgrade and can follow up from Pertinax and Quint De Lobo in a competitivelooking Restricted Race.
Financial strain as a reason for exemption from a priesthood is attested under Pertinax, granting an exemption to a father of sixteen who had written to him from the East (Dig.
Meanwhile, there are changes afoot at the ape centre, home to Rick and Avali the young gorillas, and the silverback Pertinax.
Others for the shortlist are Go Moss Go, Pertinax and The Hussey's Duke.
autumnalis and even Aratinga pertinax (both of which are less desirable than A.
Klaus and Pertinax aren't settling down, despite their new island residence.