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The objective of the Pertinence and Apriso partnership is to provide manufacturers with a fully integrated solution that empowers them to understand and monitor their entire Supply Chain.
A strong support system to help strengthen Pertinence brand awareness through joint marketing activities on an international scale
Everything seems interconnected and significant, and even though this observation might sound trivial--after all, such omnisignificance is by definition the fate of every artwork--it takes on special pertinence when it comes to Prina, because he commits himself to the analysis of the very desire for precious cultural information and the ideological comforts of being surrounded by the immaterial gadgets of symbolic capital.
In this reader's mind, Urbanc leaves the matter unresolved yet provides ample material for the continuing debate on the pertinence of gender to Spanish women's writing.
These results bear out the robustness and pertinence of our project.
Taoufiq, who was invited by the organizers to be the event's keynote speaker, underlined the pertinence of the conference's theme considering the importance of the Ulema's role in enlightening the faithful, preaching wisdom and defending the interests and sacred values of the Umma.
PARIS, March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Pertinence, a global leader in Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence, announces today that Fort Dodge Animal Health - a subsidiary of Wyeth - chose Pertinence Suite to support its continuous improvement program across its manufacturing sites.
Madura (his affiliation is not noted) has collected 60 previously published articles for their pertinence in current trends and research into the relationships and tendencies within financial markets, providing an introduction to the set (though the papers themselves do not include prefatory material).
Again, if you find that montage is what determines its endlessness, then you must note the pertinence of the concepts of constellation and of dispersion in the text, distinguishing allegorizing from collecting.
Certainly, all of them have a direct pertinence to any attempt to grasp, if only fragmentarily and tangentially, certain aspects of social life in present-day Argentina in terms of a cluster of its abiding sociohistorical imaginary and, in terms of specific details, of its current concerns, such as the devastating program of neoliberalist economics, the plight of retirees who have been abandoned by social security between national and international cultural paradigms.
Customers can now instantly view a color-coated alert that indicates the pertinence and severity of an attack to their network.
In a statement to the press following his visit to the Laayoune-Boujdour Sakia El hamra region, the Italian deputy recalled several similar international experiences in this area, hailing the pertinence of the Moroccan autonomy initiative in the southern provinces.