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PERTINENT, evidence. Those facts which tend to prove the allegations of the party offering them, are called pertinent; those which have no such tendency are called impertinent, 8 Toull. n. 22. By pertinent is also meant that which belongs. Willes, 319.

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Car la pertinence de la cause, sa legitimite et la forte conviction des jeunes, composant la delegation marocaine, ont fait tomber a l'eau toutes les vilaines tentatives de propagande orchestrees par les ennemis du royaume et leurs commanditaires.
Sample essay titles include, oSectarian and Nonsectarian Texts from Qumran: The Pertinence and Use of a Taxonomy,o and oTime, Torah, and Prophecy at Qumran.o Distributed by Coronet Books.
Il permet a ces dernieres un gain de temps precieux de par sa pertinence en matiere de satisfaction des besoins appropries.
Ce Prix, parraine par Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo et l'Association Italienne des Secteurs Public et Institutionnel, au-dela de la qualite et de la pertinence de la campagne publicitaire, vient couronner le travail realise par le bureau de representation de l'AMDI a Rome en collaboration avec l'ambassade du Maroc en Italie, aupres des prescripteurs institutionnels italiens.
One of his goals is to demonstrate the pertinence of post-colonial critique for a politically attuned psychology, and to open up a new sub-domain within the critical theory and practice of psychology.
In a message sent to the Head of State, the signees write that this United Nations' unanimity testifies anew to the accuracy of President Ben Ali's vision and the pertinence of his choices aimed to lend receptive ear to youths, to establish dialogue with them, make available to them all necessary support, grant their concerns the required interest and meet their aspirations.
This report will enable them - on an objective basis - to judge the pertinence of the project and planned measures to protect the environment and manage potential risks, notably to health', according to Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot.
(One suspects the film has lost little pertinence.) Massingham's dim view of postwar England culminated in What a Life!
[beaucoup moins que] Il faut avoir la pertinence de ne pas vouloir s'imposer, ce qui n'est pas evident puisqu'il faut faire preuve d'autonomie et d'originalite [beaucoup plus grand que], dira-t-il.
Amrani told reporters following the meeting that the USA, in keeping with the spirit of partnership and strategic dialogue, heeded and understood Morocco's supreme interests and the pertinence of its approach to settle the Sahara issue, adding that shared universal values, joint interests and solidarity in upholding strategic issues were assets guaranteeing the sustainability of ties between the two countries.