pertinent to

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In connection with this subject of "mysterious disappearance"--of which every memory is stored with abundant example--it is pertinent to note the belief of Dr.
As these two personages belong to certain classes which have derived their peculiar characteristics from the fur trade, we deem some few particulars concerning them pertinent to the nature of this work.
The sidewalk was obstructed by an assortment of interested neighbours, who opened a lane from time to time for a hurrying messenger bearing from McGary's goods pertinent to festivity and diversion.
It also provides a venue for us to introduce new products and post information pertinent to those in the Commercial, Military and General Aviation OEM and MRO aerospace coatings communities, respectively.
If the film, such as The Lord of the Rings, is based on a book, it may be pertinent to understand the popularity of that book.
The site presents an amazing amount of information pertinent to the large district, but specific items are often difficult to find, so much of the content needs to be better organized.
Harley and Milton have edited this text, which sheds new light on contemporary issues pertinent to the promotion of positive mental health of African Americans in a variety of contexts with pragmatic applications for counselors and other mental health professionals.
After you've written your goals, revisit them often to assess if they are pertinent to your present reality.
This year's event brings top-level Department of the Navy/Marine Corps leadership and industry leadership together to discuss future logistics policy and initiatives as pertinent to and implemented by the Naval Forces.
Nissman's informed and straightforward writing offers a useful gamut of information and ideas pertinent to this repertoire.
AFS will offer ASM International publications pertinent to the metalcasting industry, including: Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist, Metals Handbook Desk Edition, Steel Castings Handbook, Worldwide Guide to Equivalent Nonferrous Metals and Alloys, Advances in Aluminum Casting Technology, Metallographic Etching and Properties of Aluminum Alloys.
Because it touches on so many issues, the introduction sometimes feels like a cram course in sixteenth-century cultural history, gender relations, and Shakespeare studies rolled into one, but the sheer volume of work pertinent to this edition probably makes that feeling inevitable.