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When he protests that he values her husband too much to linger with her, she pertly replies: "'Oh, that .
8) The high share of minerals in 2006-07 is pertly due to higher international mineral prices during that period.
She exudes an authentic bygone aura with her bobbed hair and pertly primped shoulders.
Why is it that some performances we hear are pertly competent, technically impressive and even stylistically correct, but leave no lasting impression?
Virginia Woolf, naughty witches, and pertly coiffed sociopaths.
For instance in Prague Pictures, in the middle of an explanation of Kepler's first discovery, the narrator suddenly asks his readers rather pertly to 'pay attention, please, this is really not as complicated as it seems' (p.
Just in that Balanchine and, partnering a pertly musical Wiles, in the new staging by Anna-Marie Holmes of the Grand Pas Classique from Raymonda.
Only when the camera returns from its restless search for something that can be dispensed with and we see the hands decide at last upon the earrings do we catch sight of Madame de's face, pertly in a mirror, as she puts on her hat.