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Her Pertness (right) followed up with "What does breakfast consist of?
It is also worth bearing in mind that any concern over a drooping bosom is akin to supporting society's obsession with a woman's youth, principally her pertness.
We still marvel at the uncanny pertness of Felicity Kendal's bum on Strictly and now Sue Perkins and Giles Coren, the foot and mouth of reality broadcasting, are going Back To The Good Life (BBC Two, Monday 9pm) to warm over the sitcom's corpse in a half-hearted stab at feeding themselves.
only the children offered the special mixture of pertness and naivety, audacity and innocence, which Roger Ascham felt was overly prized in upper-class English families.
Andress has a pertness and a silvery soprano voice that she can turn into sizzling sexiness or pure soul.
Skride's entry brings an eloquent singing line as well as balletic grace and pertness, and Nelsons and his orchestra respond with telepathy and a moving empathy.
And that's the kind of acceptable which is judged on the pertness of your bum, your dress size rather than your IQ, how high your giggle and how flouncy your hair.