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New Delhi [India], Nov 7 ( ANI ): Milind Soman's birthday selfie with girlfriend Ankita Konwar had social media buzzing but his latest Instagram post is proof he is least perturbed by all the 'fuss'.
In this paper, a new recursive algorithm is proposed to solve the algebraic Sylvester equation of linear singularly perturbed systems whose solution defines the cross Grammian matrix.
But PV array voltage is perturbed in each cycle of switching control pulse in this method.
The top-k frequent patterns should be selected from Pset based on the perturbed weight of each pattern.
Initially there is no difference between the perturbed run and the control run, but after approximately 15 days, the perturbed vertical diffusion physics redistributes water vapor in the vertical and relaxes to a new climatological state for water vapor in the upper troposphere.
Solution of a Fourth Order Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problem Using Quintic Spline.
Last night, Weesa said foreign forces started an exercise followed by heavy fire in Kotal Morchi locality, leaving residents of entire Kandahar terrified and perturbed.
The item number 4, "Choose 5 of the factors below that have perturbed your communication with the throwers/coach during certain times in your training", has the athletes/coaches choose 5 of the factors we suggested that have perturbed their communication at certain points in their training sessions.
But it is the perturbing body, not the perturbed body, whose mass can be determined.
Invited contributors review the literature and report current research on using perturbed angular correlation (PAC) spectroscopy to study defects and diffusion at the atomic scale.
Nepal's deposed King Gyanendra said he is ''very perturbed, very troubled, and very anguished'' at seeing a lack of improvement in the lives of Nepalese people a year after the monarchy was abolished.
She didn't seem too perturbed about missing out on a Grammy this year either.