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I encourage my students to read novels against history and history against novels, and we peruse a variety of primary sources, such as newspapers and periodicals, in an effort to recreate the historical and cultural contexts from which particular novels emerged.
Although one can research the Internet, peruse trade publications, identify associations, and check local yellow pages to find disaster planning and recovery services, for its convenience and completeness, a current copy of the Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages is an important resource for organizational libraries.
Activity there similarly surges as volunteers peruse whatever objects or creatures they know a lot about, say psychologist Isabel Gauthier of Vanderbilt University in Nashville and her colleagues.
I had to wonder, though, what went through the minds of Baby Boomers (and immediate pre-Boomers, like myself) if they happened to peruse Time Magazine's August 30 articles "Taking Care of Our Aging Parents" and "Elder Care: Making the Right Choice.
This isn't a serious film about prewar decadence or deception, but rather the sort of delightful Harlequin tale one might peruse while on holiday, in, say .
For instance, the content of the state histories was well composed; yet, one finds the statistical data easier to peruse in tables (p.
The sweepstakes company has even figured out how to get people to peruse all those magazine titles on the individual stamps.
Contract awarded for 2014 books regularly peruse the library purchased a small number of the first estimate Announcement
have the entire volume and its companion essays to peruse.
Users also can peruse the section Words From the Lighter Side, which examines the 20th century's most popular slang terms.