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He asks us to consider: "Do we really want people driving in their 'auto-office' hurling down the highway at 60 mph, playing music in the background, talking on a cell phone, trying to figure out who's calling their pager, perusing their computer map in order to find their next business stop, voice-activating their client invoice on a laptop, all while shaving and eating a hamburger?
THE BABY TRAIL has amusing moments and overall is well written, but reads more like a short story collection with a central character worth perusing over several sittings.
Perusing Warren's presentation on the project (Warren 2004) cited by Schaeffer, I found that the utility of standard reference materials that allow for collaborations and exhaustive characterization of DEPs is reinforced by several issues Warren highlighted; for example, which of the "794 measurements under consideration" should be made; what should the results be compared to; and what health effect testing should be conducted?
By perusing these fifteen pieces, the reader can synthesize a deeply personal aesthetic.
Perusing this 93-page section gives the user an appreciation for the wide range of disaster recovery and consulting providers available.
After perusing this volume, this reviewer regrets even more the discontinuance by the U.
PERUSING can strike for Luca Cumani in the Vodafone Horris Hill Stakes (3.
An omnastic index allows the reader to pursue certain paths of investigation without perusing every document.
Holmes's giant intellect led him in other directions as well--reading Locke, perusing Civil War history, even sitting with a book of Goya's paintings.
Marathon Oil Corporation is perusing plans to double the natural gas liquefaction capacity of its Europa LNG production facility.
I'm perusing the fine print, and have yet to decide myself.
According to Time, Bush administration officials have begun perusing documents like Truman's NSC-68, one of the earliest plans for "containing" the Soviet threat.