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Perusing is an improving type who was seen going sweetly in a workout on Long Hill on Wednesday morning, and he should go very close here.
Find black hot spots and historic sites in Baltimore by perusing the city's new African American Heritage Guide.
Luca Cumani can strike with Perusing in the Newington Hotel York Racegoers Conditions Stakes (3.
Moore remembers masturbating while perusing male underwear models in the Sears catalog, dating a girl who thankfully didn't want to put out, and having a disastrous first sexual experience.
We are perusing numerous opportunities from both present and prospective customers in these industries.
I'm perusing the fine print, and have yet to decide myself.
African-Americans planning a trip "down South" this summer may enjoy perusing the Hippocrene U.
It eliminates the need to collect information from multiple suppliers and saves hours of time perusing through specification sheets from the many worldwide manufacturers of these products.
com has over 1,000,000 visitors each month and 435,000 registered members perusing its theater reviews, news and listings, and purchasing full price and discount tickets to theater.
where you might spend 10 minutes or so just perusing the menu (16 different burritos?
As important, Blogit provides an eager audience of readers perusing the site for topics of interest.
She was perusing bargains at a Ventura thrift store as part of ``Cheap Chic,'' a benefit that leads into today's opening of the Ventura County Fair.