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The authors succeed in dramatizing extent to which race continues to pervade public attitudes as well as social policy debates on welfare.
The painful themes of sexism, racism, dehumanization, and marginalization pervade her work.
His image appears in coats of arms and on illustrations that to this day pervade our lives.
His image appears in coats of arms and on countless illustrations that to this day pervade our lives.
An attitude of mutual--and constructive --accommodation, in fact, should pervade the whole institution.
Her well-grounded claim that Calvinistic theology and anti-Catholic ideology pervade Elizabethan and Jacobean popular drama subscribes to the consensus that has come into being during the last fifteen years concerning the dialectical interplay between Protestant antitheatrical and antipoetic attitudes and the generation of iconoclastic drama and poetry that interrogates its own artifice.
Yet the babble and delirium that pervade Rose's dinner party provide an analogy for the absurd social conditions that shaped the artist's life and her art.
This process of reionization, therefore, permitted the light from luminous objects to pervade the universe for the first time.
Theorists have proposed hard-to-detect WIMPs as one of the candidates for the so-called dark, or missing, matter thought to pervade the universe.
Though toxic compounds pervade the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat, they only pose risks if they enter our bodies in biologically active quantities.
Vaculik's duets borrow from contemporary vocabularies; parallel positions and ice-skating lifts pervade his partnering.
Cosmologists attribute this flip side of gravity to a substance that would pervade the universe and that they call dark energy.