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Pervaded by the sound of breathing (audio installation by HB Sound), the "pool" contained a sort of sentry box, also blue, containing three photographic triptychs ("Hallenbad Portraits," 2002-2003) and a DVD projection (Hallenbad, 2003).
The Lutheran and Calvinism social pessimism that had pervaded English culture by the years of the composition of the Mirror text had been anticipated in Boccaccio's earlier modern text that dramatized the old momento mori in new narratives of incisive historical and mythological figures.
Later, during a final "futuring" conversation, several twenty- and thirtysomethings confessed that the negativity of the us-versus-them attitude that has too often pervaded church reform groups was a stumbling block for them.
A sense of community structure has consistently pervaded Swedish architecture, whether in the transparency of Peter Celsing's 1966 Stockholm Kulturhaus public facade, the refurbishment of Stumholmen Island between 1989-97 from a military harbour to civilian housing and museum development, or in the planned 'Friendly City' on the ex-industrial north bank of Goteborg.
Similarly, when she describes Rudolph Valentino as a star who expressed the desire of his female fans to transgress sexual prohibition, when she takes note of the camera work in Valentino's films and the newspaper debate that surrounded the appeal of an Italian immigrant to women, she accurately reveals the way in which a struggle over gender and cultural values pervaded the rise of the urban mass culture.
Comparing the timekeeping properties of 1855+09 with those of the fastest pulsar of them all, the 1.6-millisecond 1937+215, could determine whether the universe is pervaded by a background flux of gravitational waves generated by the Big Bang.
Uncini's "Cementarmati" (Reinforced concrete pieces), made between 1958 and 1963, are pervaded by a sort of cry, along with the modem yet somehow archaic beauty of a material that was developed to be functional rather than aesthetic.
Powerful elements pervaded Mary Carbonara's Impact of Buildings, Lea Wolf's Paper Fable, and Randee Paufve's Misgivings.
Yet the volume is pervaded by the typographical trick of printing every zero as a capital O.
His central thesis is that the institution cannot be understood apart from the |family spirit' which pervaded its earliest years and persisted in its very structure.
Infused with energy and play, the piece renounces the solemnity that pervaded much of Herring's earlier work.
Through Davis's ingenuity and showmanship, a sense of community pervaded the evening.