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Later, during a final "futuring" conversation, several twenty- and thirtysomethings confessed that the negativity of the us-versus-them attitude that has too often pervaded church reform groups was a stumbling block for them.
Norland investigates the impact of Erasmus which pervaded the area of education.
Initially designed to advertise "Le Bicycle Velocipede" a modern bicycle launched by the Parisian company 'Gladiator' during the high point of the cycling craze, the image came to symbolize a celebration of freedom and happiness that pervaded Europe during the 'Belle Epoque' period.
Uncini's "Cementarmati" (Reinforced concrete pieces), made between 1958 and 1963, are pervaded by a sort of cry, along with the modem yet somehow archaic beauty of a material that was developed to be functional rather than aesthetic.
Missed jumpers, a blown layup and general confusion pervaded - a digression from their solid first-half play.
Given the increasing understanding of the textual fundamentalism which pervaded European culture at least through the seventeenth century, it is perhaps not surprising that a man who made his reputation through meticulous translations of the Bible should seem an obvious subject for present-day fundamentalists to use as a standard-bearer.
According to the EIU study, "What sets Sweden and Scandinavia apart is the extent to which the Internet has pervaded the marketplace and reshaped the business transactions and the eagerness with which the citizens have incorporated Internet technology into their daily routines.
Though he was unfortunately represented here only by a surreal snake-charmer that he had painted on an enameled phonograph in 1955, his renegade spirit and flying eyeball logo pervaded much of the work.
The broadcast, print and interactive ads were unusual because the actors were in character - a 1990s version of the "cast commercials" that pervaded early television, when the Nelson family extolled Kodak cameras and Cosmo Topper and his ghostly buddies smoked Camel cigarettes.
The high level of investor optimism that pervaded the stock market in the last few months of last year, and the early part of January 2002 has given way to a mixed feeling among market participants.
She became known in the shorthand of the moment as "the knit person," but a certain chilliness or ironic distance pervaded these pieces; this somewhat mocking stance problematized easy feminist labels, suggesting instead a stranger, more idiosyncratic engagement with questions of female subjectivity in the process of making art.