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Since everything that exists is united through the one Reality that pervades all things, no one can be indifferent to others' sufferings except at her or his own peril.
The influence of Mizer's work pervades all aspects of contemporary visual culture.
The spirit of Mardi Gras pervades this city each day of the year.
A different sweetness, the nineteenth-century brand, pervades the "Waltz of the Golden Hours" and the "Prayer" solo of Coppelia as set some twenty-four years ago by Alexandra Danilova and Balanchine.
Asserting that the horses "can now be seen to epitomize the inextricable blending of the sacred and the secular that pervades so much of the adornment of San Marco" (110), Jacoff offers a provocative interpretation of one the icons of Western culture and in the process, increases our understanding of the reuse of Roman statuary.
Today, a sense of cautions optimism pervades the real estate industry.
Perhaps some of the folks who have been working themselves into a lather about fictitious violence on television programs and in rap lyrics ought to devote some thought to the real violence that pervades our political system - starting at the top.
The idea of symmetry pervades the arts as well as the sciences.
A similarly ironic melancholy pervades Two Films Exchanging Soundtracks, 2003.
Violence pervades the story and is an intrinsic part of it.