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The interior is unusually spacious and open, and the pervading color-intense red-is dramatic, sophisticated and appropriate in its relationship to Chinatown.
Subsuming all of the above and worst of all is the cynicism pervading our atheistic ruling classes and our institutions.
On this topic Williams provide valuable examples taken from the literature of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, revealing the complex attitudes and feelings toward race pervading Caribbean cultures and societies.
Today's uninitiated might think a "parody Magnificat" a burlesque, but they could also think an "imitation Magnificat" a counterfeit, or one in pervading fugal imitation (following sixteenth-century usage, Crook calls that procedure "fugue," evoking yet another source of confusion).
The cosmos killer in this scenario is dark energy, an invisible substance suspected of pervading the universe and exerting a force opposite to gravity's usual pull.
The Pope, a great defender of human dignity, has continually referred to the "Culture of Death" pervading our society.
If God is incorporeal, Newton determined that God must be everywhere, pervading the infinite.
In retrospect these more personal works turn out to have been the more forward-looking, anticipating something of the blatant psychological quality pervading the representational painting that emerged in the early '90s in the canvases of, say, Maureen Gallace and Lisa Yuskavage.
While a sense of action-a feeling that now is, in fact, the time to buy-seems to be pervading the market, buyers remain highly discriminating in their purchases.