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In youth you deprived me of my happiness, my hopes, my aims; you took away all the substance of my life, and made it a dream without reality enough even to grieve at--with only a pervading gloom, through which I walked wearily, and cared not whither.
In the household of the Notch he found warmth and simplicity of feeling, the pervading intelligence of New England, and a poetry of native growth, which they had gathered when they little thought of it from the mountain peaks and chasms, and at the very threshold of their romantic and dangerous abode.
She hesitated; she could not hear the words amidst the uproar now pervading both school-rooms; I repeated the sign; she approached; again she paused within half a yard of the estrade, and looked shy, and still doubtful whether she had mistaken my meaning.
Then again sound, and motion, and touch -- a tingling sensation pervading my frame.
Given up as he had long been to a pervading excitement, he could tolerate no companions except upon condition of their perfect sympathy with his present state of feeling.
The story of 'Latzarillo' is gross in its facts, and is mostly "unmeet for ladies," like most of the fiction in all languages before our times; but there is an honest simplicity in the narration, a pervading humor, and a rich feeling for character that gives it value.
Gradgrind, and (in a generally pervading way) you are serviceable in the family also; so I understand from Miss Louisa, and, indeed, so I have observed myself.
Though a skilled writer, Slavitt was a political novice, absolutely blindsided by the circus of insanity pervading state politics.
An American Tragedy, 2005, which incorporates a still of Shelley Winters about to fall from a boat rowed by Montgomery Clift in A Place in the Sun (1951), a film based on Theodore Dreiser's story of upward mobility, contributes to the mood of impending doom pervading this show of recent paintings.
The French duo's best moments - the luminous 1998 club hit ``Sexy Boy'' and a melancholy soundtrack to Sofia Coppola's ``The Virgin Suicides'' - offered a perfect combination of chilly electronics, warm melody and a pervading sense of nostalgic regret.
Theorists describe dark energy as a "fluid' pervading space.
The interior is unusually spacious and open, and the pervading color-intense red-is dramatic, sophisticated and appropriate in its relationship to Chinatown.