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Although our patient had not previously experienced any of the described obsessive symptoms, we note that he was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, a condition in which repetitive behaviors and stereotypy are common.
Major finding: In a facial recognition task, patients with Asperger's and nonspecific pervasive developmental disorder were worse at identifying fearful and disgusted facial expressions, compared with controls.
A child who does not meet the criteria for either but has their symptoms is diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified or PDD-NOS.
Autism, a complex pervasive developmental disorder, now affects 1 in 166 births in the U.
The most frequent neurobehavioral disorders were pervasive developmental disorder (8%); attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (7.
DeLong and his colleagues reached these conclusions by performing complex neurological assessments and reviewing the psychiatric family histories of 40 children with autism, Asperger's syndrome, or pervasive developmental disorder, all considered autistic spectrum disorders.
In this revised study, the definition of "pure OCD (P-OCD)" was refined to further exclude organic mental disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, nonpsychotic brain damage, developmental delays, and mental retardation.
He was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder at age 3 but was fairly high functioning.
Under HB 2918, a health plan may not deny benefits for these rehabilitative services to children younger than 18 solely because that child has pervasive developmental disorder.
Children with autism and pervasive developmental disorder show abnormalities in brain structure and chemistry early in their life, Seth Friedman, Ph.
The defense attorneys argued that Yamaguchi was not capable of taking responsibility for his actions because he suffered from a pervasive developmental disorder and had lost his memory on the details of the murder.

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