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And Basquiat (a star by most counts, even if not my special enthusiasm) was represented, almost perversely, by three modest drawings.
The rigged choice is between a self-proclaimed conservative, Christian Republican president rallying the nation against the "evildoers," and the "hate-America" crowd that perversely abets the terrorist campaign to destroy our nation.
Perversely, single mums don't get the admiration or sympathy reserved for single dads, but McNeil's upbeat tone indicates she's not looking for applause, just the simple understanding that it's perfectly normal to love your child more than anything else in the world.
Almost perversely, Myles is drawn to working in institutional settings, doing a spell in a school for the mentally impaired, a summer stint as a camp counselor, a high school job in a nursing home.
The High Court ruled that Home Secretary Jack Straw had not acted perversely when he refused to release 63-year-old Terence Smith, who suffers from severe heart disease.
decades of unhindered discharge had left the rocks coated with a creamlike residue, creating a perversely beautiful white-on-white effect.
But perversely the pound rose sharply yesterday and threatened to bring fresh anguish for hard-pressed manufacturers.
But they are especially valuable in letters in which Sancho deliberately codes his references or assumes any number of perversely ironic stances so typical of his verbal art (e.
And using Clinton's signing of the welfare bill as, perversely, yet another reason to vote for the Democrats, Cuomo added: "We cannot rely on the Republicans to cooperate with President Clinton to save our children.
These limitations amount to a perversely tilted playing field -- in stark contrast to the free, competitive environment envisioned two decades ago in the Airline Deregulation Act.
Their perversely grandiose aspirations deserve to be met.