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I have therefore always thought it unreasonable in parents to desire to chuse for their children on this occasion; since to force affection is an impossible attempt; nay, so much doth love abhor force, that I know not whether, through an unfortunate but uncurable perverseness in our natures, it may not be even impatient of persuasion.
Dobbin was much too modest a young fellow to suppose that this happy change in all his circumstances arose from his own generous and manly disposition: he chose, from some perverseness, to attribute his good fortune to the sole agency and benevolence of little George Osborne, to whom henceforth he vowed such a love and affection as is only felt by children--such an affection, as we read in the charming fairy-book, uncouth Orson had for splendid young Valentine his conqueror.
Tulliver thought there was nothing worse in question than a fit of perverseness, which was inflicting its own punishment by depriving Maggie of half her dinner.
Also, the emphasis on the perverseness of evil forces working against the people of God has created a lifestyle of perpetual fear in many Christians.
I would like then, finally, to turn to Warhol's proto-structural films of the 1960s, which, in largely doing away with cross-cutting and thus with secondary identification, isolate primary identification--identification with the camera's look--in its insatiability, its endlessness (its boringness), and its essential perverseness.
Perhaps what disturbed the Court was the Orwellian perverseness of making it a crime for someone to possess a physical disability or character trait.
In the case of many charitable nonprofits there is a certain perverseness to this benefit, however, in that it is more valuable to entities that are successfully earning a return on their activities, while it is of no value at all to those that fail to show any earnings simply because they are directing a higher percentage of their resources into charitable services.
Now, a minister in the post-revolution government is outright harassing female journalists on live TV, thus giving a carte blanche to all sick men to pursue their perverseness, spreading an "if a minister says it in public, why can't I" attitude.
4) "Method: Analyzing [one's] physical configuration [to make] perverseness eliminate itself and cleanse personal conduct" (cf.
Explaining his wish to resign, Celestine V said he was motivated by "the desire for humility, for a purer life, for a stainless conscience, the deficiencies of his own physical strength, his ignorance, the perverseness of the people, [and] his longing for the tranquility of his former life".
Hume notes, "Yet, notwithstanding this strong and obvious necessity, such is the frailty or perverseness of our nature
It is but too true that there are many whose whole scheme of freedom is made up of pride, perverseness, and insolence.