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"Those 'perversion files' that they've had reflect that they have removed thousands of offenders of childhood sexual abuse over the years and they've kept that in files secretly," he stressed.
civil engineering company to build and perversion of underground networks, construction of road infrastructure and facilities of public space, infrastructure construction of tram platform and the construction and transformation of reinforced concrete structures.
Generally, in considering the problem of perversion in this essay, I follow the lead of Dalia Judovitz, who highlights that for Sade the sexual dimension of perversion is his vehicle of a more radical, destructive attack on "the premises of rational thought" (2000, 156).
Much like the experience of viewing the Tri-bar triangle--and, we argue in this paper, the experience of being in touch with a perverse patient--reading the vast literature on perversion can sometimes feel like searching for a shape that never quite materialises.
The law in Nazi Germany; ideology, opportunism, and the perversion of justice.
The minister responsible for the Canadian International Development Agency which has been giving funding to an evangelical organization that describes homosexuality as a "perversion" and a "sin," said Sunday no further payments will be made until officials review the organization.
Summary: Young girls were sexually exploited by a group of men who subjected them to depravity and perversion, a court has heard.
Reading perversely has been central to the work of queer theory, and I would like to suggest here that we can do more with perversion in our theorizations of young people and their texts than we have yet dreamed of.
Far more problematic than ahardcorea Holocaust deniers, relegated to the extremist neo-nazi fringes, this new perversion of the Holocaust is a kind of asoftcorea denial - but it has lasting and spreading effect.' style="float:right;" />
A proposito de la perversion, Freud no habria investigado mas que los rasgos perversos (y polimorfos) de la sexualidad humana en general (1905), la condicion edipica de un tipo de homosexualidad masculina (1910)--reconducida a la bisexualidad propia de todo hombre--el masoquismo originario de la pulsion (1924), el caracter fetichista (1927) de toda eleccion amorosa, etc.
Its decision was based partly on secret "perversion files" going back 25 years.
For the other, perversion is defined as an absolute concept (a priori) which is applied regardless the social contexts like a bridge between what persons says and do.