perversion of the truth

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Having made this concession to circumstances, he was, at the same time, quite cunning enough to see that it was of vital importance to the purpose which he had in view, to confine himself strictly to this one perversion of the truth. There could be plainly no depending on the lawyer's opinion, unless that opinion was given on the facts exactly a s they had occurred at the inn.
The clerk made out a formal summons, and the charge was preferred against me, with the customary exaggeration and the customary perversion of the truth on such occasions.
Orwell's novel that envisioned the rise of the surveillance state and the emergence of what he called Newspeak, the abuse of language for political purposes and the perversion of the truth in ways that makes facts irrelevant, could have been written today.
It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth.
The loathsome, behaviour and attitude in parliament, when the 19th Amendment was presented for debate; the desecration of the National Flag; the stinking lousy and immoral public speeches, which they have classed as political speeches and openly and blatantly, conspicuously, offensively and deliberately deviating from the truth, and force the people to believe in their perversion of the truth have been widely experienced by the intelligent people of Sri Lanka.
Rampant headlines, such as one that read "Israel and Hamas trade attacks as tension rises" in the New York Times, are a wicked perversion of the truth.
Not with a date but with the following signs: unprecedented weather extremes; earthquakes; famines; signs in the sky; increase in knowledge and technology; travel and also disease and drugs, perversion of the truth and persecution of believers.
That's such a disgusting perversion of the truth, it's almost laughable.
Fraud--The intentional perversion of the truth for the purpose of inducing another person or other entity in reliance upon it to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right.
In front of Lord Justice Toulson, Mr Justice Sharpe and His Honour Judge Wadsworth, Mr Giles' barrister argued that the evidence this suspected drug dealer was allowed to present to the jury was "a far-reaching perversion of the truth".
Dr Marek said: "It's a perversion of the truth. They seem to have airbrushed me out of it completely.