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In later work Freud (1927; 1938) introduced the idea that certain perversions involved a splitting of the ego in order to deny a traumatic sexual reality.
The sexual perversions that dominate the topics of Jelinek's texts which have been analyzed as political because of her Marxist views, are debated by Bethman, whose position is that her writings employ artistic license separate from her political identification.
2) To read perversely is thus to account for the perversions that find the kernel of their origin in what we take to be normative.
Paul, after all, also spoke out very strongly against homosexuality and other perversions.
The great danger is that these perversions are so absurd, repellent, and beyond the ken of most Americans--and are festering just far enough beneath the surface--that the average person will not see the threat until it is too late.
One of the notable aspects of Brazilian literature has been the extensive inventory of cultural production that deals with sexual matters, whether with an emphasis on the perversions inherent in normalized heterosexuality or whether with an emphasis on reversions regarding that normalized heterosexuality.
This leads to either a regression of sexuality to pregenital impulses and obsessive struggles over it, or indulgence in sadomasochistic perversions.
Lisa Downing could have turned a trick in queer studies, so to speak, trumping all other perversions with the most radical of them all.
Indonesia has long been notorious as a destination where paedophiles - mostly Westerners - are free to satisfy their worst perversions with very young children who have absolutely no value as human beings.
The rules target gratuitous violence and sexual perversions aired on daytime television and apply to state television channel TVE, private channels Telecinco and Antena 3, and pay channels such as Canal Plus.
The book covers essentially the entire Soviet period and even brings the story up into the Putin era, with sober warnings that little has been done by way of acknowledgement of past crimes or institution of systemic reform to protect Russian science from continued perversions and abuses.