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The images come from Rose's new book, "Hollywood, Beverly Hills & Other Perversities," and focus on television, film, music, sports and the arts.
Douglas notes that the these criminals' earliest act of violence is often the torture and/or killing of pets or wildlife, graduating to brutalizing younger siblings before taking intensified perversities into the streets or engaging in domestic violence.
Where Tacitus draws a curtain of discretion over the baser acts of his subjects, Suetonius unstintingly describes perversities that would make even some modern pornographers squirm with unease.
Many artists working today--those who challenge immigration law, deal with questions of sexuality and identity, or fight the perversities of political regimes--test legal boundaries.
The critiques of the conference by New Criterion Editor Roger Kimball and SUNY Trustee Candace de Russy dripped with disgus at the perversities celebrated there; de Russy's list of the horribles, in a March 1998 article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, included not only sadomasochism but anal sex, lesbianism, bisexuality, and female masturbation.
As if to allow a view of opposing sides, a parallax of sorts, Locklin follows his novella with two shorter stories--in one, the narrator speculates about the possible perversities of the old priest he used to wrestle in his childhood; in the other, we witness a conversation between men who doubt the existence of the female orgasm.
For Rambuss, the religious poetry of the metaphysicals (Donne, Herbert, Crashaw, Vaughan, Traherne), with its colliding themes of spirituality and carnality, explores devotion's intensities and perversities.