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The lead perverter commented, "The fact that the trial went as smoothly as it did was a pleasant surprise.
He went on: "The present government is no inheritor of the Scottish tradition, but a perverter of it.
liar, perverter of justice, traitor, who let himself be persuaded by under-
We recognize, although Eve does not, that Satan is a perverter of "reason" and "truth," thus it is possible to hear in the ringing of his words a suggestion of "treason" and "ruth": a temporary chiastic deformation producing a perverted rhyming pair, but nevertheless a highly appropriate echoing for this scene of betrayal and eventual remorse.
And being law-abiding, in defense of true law he was prepared to slay the chief of state, perverter of Germany's laws and the laws of man's nature.
Red hair is traditionally an attribute of Judas Iscariot, and Jack Merridew, who, note, starts off as Ralph's lieutenant among the island boys, becomes, indeed, the Judas of the island, the perverter of the boys into degeneracy and barbarism.
He was more original in identifying private property, along with government, as the great perverter of humanity.
Estamos proximos da postura rosseliniana, em que se buscava as estrelas do passado para perverter e reinventar suas personas, como num processo de reafirmacao de personalidade do diretor.
Com efeito, se este disse alguma coisa pouco ajustada ao nosso teor de vida, e licito perverter a interpretacao, mas repele-se de imediato quem ouse, mesmo levemente, opor-se aos oraculos aristotelicos.